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  • Blue Danube Stokesia

    (Stokes’ Aster) Reminiscent of the Blue Danube River, this selection produces lavender-blue flowers measuring 3-4″ across. The deep green foliage is neatly mounding. Valued for its heat tolerance and ease of culture. 12-18″

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  • Honeysong Purple Stokesia

    (Stokes’ Aster) True royal purple with a hint of red towards the center. Individual flowers measure 3 inches across and have petals with deeply serrated edges. Deep green foliage with a neatly mounding habit. 14″

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  • Peachie’s Pick Stokesia

    (Stokes’ Aster) A top pick! Lavender blue flowers are produced much longer and a bit later than other Stokesias. Forms a very nice and compact, upright clump of deep green foliage. Discovered by Peachie Saxton of Mississippi. 18″

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