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  • Birch Hybrid Campanula

    (Bellflower) A profusion of lavender-blue, 1 in. long, fluted bell-shaped flowers cover bright evergreen
    foliage. A vigorous grower; forms a spreading mat. Use as a groundcover, in containers or rock gardens, on slopes, or in crevices.

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  • Kent Belle Bell Flower

    Violet-Blue. Summer, glossy 2.5 bell-shaped flowers dangle from tall upright stalks, very floriferous and showy, sterile plants rebloom throughout summer, 24-28 in.

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  • White Clips Campanula

    (Bellflower) A profusion of cup-shaped, upward-facing, white flowers.
    The dark green foliage forms a compact, rounded clump making it ideal for edging, containers, the front of the border, or growing among rocks.

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