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  • Hi-Yield Root Killer

    Formulation: Copper sulphate. Formulated to quickly and economically kill and dissolve fungus and roots from trees and shrubs that have entered the sewer line, septic tank and drain fields. Will not harm trees, shrubs, sewer or drain pipes. 1 1/2 lb.

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  • Root and Grow

    4-10-3 Fertilizer plus IBA Growth Hormone Concentrate stimulates early and strong root formation. Reduces transplant shock. Promotes greener, more vigorous plants. Weather proof packaging. Qt.

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  • Root Stimulator

    4-10-3 + B1. Use every time you plant trees, shrubs, roses, annuals and perennials to stimulate early root formation and stronger root development. Reduces transplant shock and promotes greener, more vigorous plants. 1 Pint.

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