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  • Measuring Cup

    These handy 4 oz. cups calibrated for tsp., Tbsp. and ounces provide a measuring device other than kitchen utensils. 4 oz.

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  • The Tomato Factory

    The Tomato Factory provides better soil aeration and allows the sun to heat the roots like a greenhouse which stimulates growth, early ripening and higher yield!

    Only 3 easy steps: Fill, Plant, and Water!   TOMATO PLANTS NOT INCLUDED!!!

    Still not sold? Here is 6 reasons to buy this for your tomato plants!
    1. Better Soil Aeration
    2. No Digging or Weeding
    3. Great for Porch or Patio
    4. Heats Roots like a Greenhouse
    5. Waterproof, Heavy Duty Vinyl
    6. Produces More Tomatoes per Plant!

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