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  • 10-Hour Insect Repellent

    100% DEET professional strength formula. Highest level of protection available. Repels mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, fleas and more. Formulated to not sweat off. Fine mist spray atomizer. Used by outdoor professionals for 17 years. 2 oz.

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  • Deer & Rabbit Repellent

    Protects flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruit, bulbs, lawns, trees from deer, rabbits, squirrels both an odor and a taste barrier. All natural ingredients. Leaves no noticeable residue. Lasts 3 months. Contains putrescent whole egg solids, garlic and capsaicin. Qt.

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  • Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent

    A natural repellent for use on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. Even stops animals from chewing wood structures and fences. One application can last up to 4 weeks. Made from hot cayenne peppers. Qt.

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  • Hot Pepper Wax Insect Repellent

    Made from Hot Cayenne Peppers, this product will repel insects from fruit, flowers, houseplants and vegetables for up to 30 days. 22 oz.

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  • Repels All Animal Repellent Qt. Spray

    All natural ingredients. Repels three ways, by sense of touch, taste and smell. This is the most comprehensive animal repellent on the market. Protects plants and property, including structures, for up to 2 months per application. (Garlic, dried blood, whole egg solids, clove, fish oil, onion, wintergreen). Qt.

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  • Repels All Granules

    A convenient granular formulation of our all natural, and popular Repels All liquid. Triggers genetically and biologically ingrained fear and flight responses in a multitude of animal intruders  without harm. Lasts up to 2 months. Protects plants and property  year round. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Natural and biodegradable. 1.25 lb. shaker

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  • Snake Stopper Snake Repellent

    A potent blend of all natural and USDA recommended ingredients clove oil, cedar oil, cinnamon oil and sulfur combine to effectively repel snakes from yards, gardens, sheds, campsites, patios, decks… anywhere they are undesirable. Snake Stopper does not harm snakes; it simply drives them away naturally. Safe for use where children and pets play. 1.5 lb.

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